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Amazing reason to get fat even if you only eat water

Amazing reason to get fat even if you only eat water Diet is the concern of the whole people. When a sensitive person feels a little bit heavy, he or she can work harder to control diet and exercise. I really eat a little rice and work hard. There are some people who do not […]

Universal healthy care

Universal healthy care Introduction India has set a global goal of providing universal health care in the country during the 12th Plan. Everyone in the country is entitled to comprehensive health care. Provision of health information for adequate food, proper health care, safe drinking water, proper cleaning, education and good health. The state is obliged […]

Healthy food

Healthy food A simple phrase is the need for food to survive. If we want to live and stay healthy, we definitely need “health food”. The health of the majority is reminiscent of a few food items, such as the unknown mothers who insist on the mother and insist in the home. Does the unhealthy […]

Cinematan Perununnu Cheramalama was missing! beauty Sahana

Cinematan Perununnu Cheramalama was missing!  beauty Sahana I never considered the serials in the search for cinema. That’s how big it is now. “ “When we go to the cinema and go to the cinema, we will not get much respect,” said the stars, “the beauty” Sahana speaks a little differently. Heroine plays half a […]

How to make tomato coconut milk pulau?

How to make tomato-coconut milk pulau?  Whether there are many varieties in Pulau, tomato & coconut milk is one of the most easy and tasty pulv types required things :A cup of basmati rice,Onion 1,Tomato 3,A tablespoon of ginger garlic paste,Greenish 2,A handle of mint,A handkerchief,[Grandmother masala] half a teaspoon of chilli powder,Half cup of […]

Exercise Deterrence Who and what to do?

Exercise Deterrence  Who and what to do? A new study suggests that moderate exercise during the course of the week is a good way for people over 50 years of age. A review of 39 studies found that people who exercise regularly on the basis of the heart and muscles are thinking and improving memory […]

The main role of brain function

The main role of brain function Analysts found aerobic exercise improving cognitive abilities, such as thinking, learning, and reasoning in various types of brain tests. Exercise, for example, using weight, has had a significant impact on remembering and executing brain function, which is supposedly executed and coordinated by executive function. The author of the study […]

Teach children about hygiene!

Teach children about hygiene! Children are more affected by hygiene. Pediatricians have advised parents to teach their children not only the clean environment but also to keep them clean. To teach children to keep the teeth clean, the parents must advise children to eat when they are eating. In India, 5 lakh children are affected […]

10 Benefits of Body to Exercise

10 Benefits of Body to Exercise  There is only time for many people to work in this emergency world. But time is not available to maintain the body. Furthermore, there is no physical activity in the jobs you see. It is the body that gets affected. So it is very important to set aside time […]

Food rules for preserving body

Food rules for preserving body We are running without eating time in a busy life. But it is also the source of energy for the body and the development of the cells and the body’s health. We need to take care of choosing that meal. Everyone needs to know about the common dietary rules, including […]