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12 Tips for good Health | WHO |

1. Follow a healthy diet2. Stay physically active, daily and each in their own way3. Get vaccinated4. Do not consume tobacco in any of its forms5. Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption6. Manage stress for better physical and mental health7. Maintain good hygiene8. Do not drive at excessive speed or under the influence of alcohol9. Fasten […]

Get an Apple Watch Now!

Apple Watch In the event that you’re a tremendous Apple fan, at that point there’s no challenge: The best wearable to combine with that iPhone in your pocket is the Apple Watch. Yet, such as anything that is decorated with the natural product named the organization’s trademark logo, they don’t come modest. Luckily, we’re close […]

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How to take care of your Health

Health 45 Tips to take care of your Health 1. Reduce abdominal fat The fat or adipose tissue that is concentrated in the abdomen is dangerous since it favors the appearance of the main cardiovascular risk factors, such as blood pressure and hypertension and diabetes. It also lowers good cholesterol (HDL) and increases bad cholesterol […]

Skin Care Tips for Men

Men Skin Care Caring for men’s skin, like that of women, is essential, especially after certain years when some effects of age begin to appear. It is after the age of 40 that men are most concerned about their appearance if they want to look younger and avoid this unsightly aging of the skin. To […]

Racism Retaliation and Othering Corona-Virus (COVID-19) Update

Corona-Virus (COVID-19) This article was originally posted on ChangeRoots dot com TL; DR: Congress passes relief bill By now, you have heard about the Corona-Virus (COVID-19) that is spreading across the globe. As of March 18, 2020, all 50 states are reporting cases of the virus. The total counts in the U.S has reached 5,881 confirmed […]

Tips for a healthy diet

healthy diet Healthy eating should be based on a natural diet. The interest to lead a healthy lifestyle, to take care of the food and to know what we are eating grows every day. People still want to lose weight but not at the expense of health and if watching the diet and betting on a healthy […]

8 Basic Health to be better in the world

Basic Health To keep the healthy body on the outside and turn it into a good vehicle of the inner Being, these cares are essential. Incorporate them into your life. There are ways to take care of ourselves and very simple. Too many times we forget about them and that makes us sick or, at […]

Peppermint: Analgesic Digestive and Anti-Inflammatory

Analgesic, Digestive Peppermint, a plant that is very easy to recognize for its leaves and rich aroma, is effective in treating menstrual cramps and for treating nervous problems, since it is relaxing; Its properties include that it is analgesic, digestive, stimulating and antiseptic. It is also important in airway treatments, as it contains some components […]

The 7 laws to achieve a slim body

Slim Body These laws are so simple that anyone can follow them. Everyone wants to have a slim, fit body. In general, being thin is synonymous with being a healthy body. Although this is a generalization that is not always true, the reality is that overweight and obesity are associated with many health problems.                             […]